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    Great Rates for first time buyers with low deposit.

    Not very many people have cash to buy a property in the modern age. As most people see renting as dead money, finding a way to buy a home is preferable. When you compare mortgage quotes online you are using a comparison tool that searches not simply across differing banks and building societies for the best deals. But across each offer they have too. Due to the wide range of attractive offers, even slight changes in the gift provided or annual percentage rate (APR) can make one quote better than another. Which are the different ways you can buy an home and is one variation cheaper than another?

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    Income Protection

    See all the best rates for Income Protection for all professions.

    There could be an argument for providing every new born baby £100,000 and told to enjoy life but “be careful.” Instead we need to work at least thirty years before can amass that amount of money in a savings account. In that time we will go from job to job and in the UK thankfully have a healthy benefits system to pick you up if you ever fall down. It’s only a safeguard though, it’s not there for you to live on forever and will fall short of you being able to. This is where a form of income protection insurance might come into play. Such a form of cover has received bad press but mainly due to mis-selling, it actually has its upsides. The different options are unemployment cover only, accident and sickness only or both (ASU).

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    Compare all the different  rates for loans from £100 to £100,000

    At some time in our life the bank account shows we can borrow x amount of money just by clicking a button. At other times, life’s a bit more difficult and no credit is possible. It’s the ups and downs that make needing quick loans for personal purchases a necessary evil. Though if managed correctly they are a form of credit that can really turn a situation around, make that expensive holiday more attainable or that larger long term purchase possible now rather than in several years. Thankfully the lenders understand that and you’ll find a range of niche offers from the get go. Focusing on cheaper secured car loans, personal funds for a trip, for education, student funding by Guarantor, even for an exorbitant but memorable wedding. In fact the more precise the credit line you’re after, the more likely you’ll get it.

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    Saving Rates

    Get the best saving interest rates with instant access

    As young teenagers we all try to save a little but at some point over the next thirty years, life gets in the way and we stop. It is important to try and get into the habit of making use of higher interest rate savings accounts from banks and building societies whenever possible. Unfortunately for many, the disparity between income and expenditure is border line. While interest rates for savers are at their lowest historically, there are still opportunities to benefit from this tax free cash. Yes, the government allows you to accrue earnings on your investments free of tax on an annual basis up to a certain limit. While we’re not talking stock market levels of luck and return, rates from 1% and below 10% are achievable and more importantly without any risk.

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    Credit Card Rates

    Find all the best credit card  rates with no fees applied

    If only financial products were simple. The more you compare Credit Cards rates and offers online the more it seems they’re a way to catch you out. Most people buy into this form of credit for a single reason, to pay for any large purchase and spread repayment across several months without the need for applying for a loan each time. To be there for emergencies only, or to supplement that third week problem when money runs out. Saving you having to ask your employer for an advance. The best credit card offers may appear complicated but it’s really only the application that will take the most time.

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    See and compare the market options for your pension

    Many people wish to have their money now and later on in life too. This is a form of juggling that most humans have been doing for a couple of centuries. How to enjoy life now and enjoy life later. The finance industry have wrapped this up into a one word definition. The pension. It comes in many forms and you’ve known about it forty to fifty years before you need it. Ask yourself, did you and are you doing all you can to make sure you get enough money together to live out your senior years? Quite no one is going to stop you working and perhaps the internet will allow you an income without physical labour but you could be doing more to protect your future. It wasn’t the wisest thing calling such a vital financial product after something you’re called when you’re old, but here we are.

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    Life Insurance

    Compare different providers for all your Life Cover

    Do you have a family, a wife? Children or a beneficiary you wish to care for in the future if you’re not around? Do you have a mortgage or a financial investment that requires you to pay back a loan in the event you pass away/ People compare life insurance offers online on a regular basis, usually when someone in their family passes or an illness has visited far too often. A financial product such as this is not for everybody. A single person renting a property will not need it. But for someone with responsibilities who cares about the people they leave behind and their financial situation in the days and weeks after, this money could be life changing but in a good and compassionate way.

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    Kate Appleton

    Changed credit cards and got a way better deal that has no annual fees and managed to get the limit increased by 50% which the other company would not do. Good on you Panda.

    Ojay Flatley

    Great service and got my quotes really quickly for my income protection and they covered my salary for 2 years in the event of accident or illness and it costs less than before.

    William Ogden

    Amazing quote on my first time buyers mortgage and managed to get the home insurance included on one payment. Well pleased and thanks to the Panda for sorting it out.

    Sarah Bradshaw

    Really saved on my remortgage and great to get out of the old expensive deal. Ended up as a £200 per month saving with the new mortgage company who are way more flexible.